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Talent Call / Hospital Foundation Fundraising Video Ad

Spots have been filled. Thanks for your interest :-)

We are looking for a range in ages and cultural backgrounds to showcase the diversity of our community and that the medical equipment they are raising money for is something that affects everyone we know. Because this is for a non-profit organization, this is an unpaid spot, however we are able to offer a thank you gift as compensation for agreeing to take part. More details and shoot schedule to come once casting is completed.

Shoot dates: November 20 (Rain date: 21)

Submission deadline: November 6th

Delivery Man

Delivery Drivers

Required: Two people between the ages of 35 - 55 years

These two roles will require one person to have a valid class 5 driver's license (this is a regular vehicle license) and be able to drive during the video shoot. Please send a head shot to the email below.

Young Family

Required: Young family with small child(ren). Parents between the ages of 30 - 45 years

Your role as a family will be to play at a local park.

Young Family
Senior Couple

Husband & Wife

Required: Two people who could be a married couple between the ages of 75 - 80 years

Your role as a married couple will be to look out the window of your home. Option to shoot in your own home (pending covid restrictions/guidelines).

Interested but would like more information first? Contact us now.

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