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Friends of The Moncton Hospital
Spring Awareness Campaign

In the past year hospitals have been in the spotlight with all the challenges of COVID. And the good news is that it has raised awareness of the value of frontline workers and the services they provide. It has rewarded us in such unexpected ways. Our small community has been a shining example not just for our country – but for the world. We are showing that short-term sacrifice works. We are showing the world that we are a community full of people who care and respect one another. So many Monctonians, and especially our frontline workers stepped up to the challenge, without thinking twice.


“It’s just what we do.”


Even though it was a time when we couldn’t do as much as we wanted, we didn’t complain and we found new things to do, new ways to help one another. We gave more time. We gave more energy. We gave more compassion and empathy, and as the FOTMH have seen, we also gave more in donations. 

Let’s tell these stories to keep the momentum going! What inspired our community to give to the FOTMH? And how did these donations help the people that needed it most? Let’s celebrate our successes and pay tribute to those who gave what they could and more – even when it seemed like there should have been no more to give.

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