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Friends of The Moncton Hospital
Fall Fundraising Campaign

There are so many reasons people are compelled to give. We give because it means something to us. We give because we’ve received help ourselves and want to pay it forward. We give to make things better for someone else.


The Friends Foundation have worked over the years to encourage giving so they can purchase the much needed tools, technology, and upgrades that have helped make the hospital what it is today. This time around the priority donation is to give the mammography clinic a necessary upgrade. The Fall Campaign of 2021-22 is focusing on the purchase of two new pieces of equipment for Breast Screening Services at The Moncton Hospital, upgrading from 2D to 3D Mammography.


We’ll be calling on donors to think of their reasons for giving and asking questions like:

Who are you doing this for?

Why is this important?


Whatever the reason - every donation matters and every donation makes a difference. Because when our hospital has what it needs to serve our community to the best of its ability, we all benefit.

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